Racer Information

The information on this page is vital for all racers and teams and will be updated constantly as it becomes available. Please bookmark this page & refer to it prior to contacting us with questions. If we know it, it’s HERE.

Please always reference the Schedule of Events for the most up to date schedule.

Final Information Letter:

CRIT OHV Stickers:

Important: If you will be driving an OHV vehicle onto CRIT land, OR operating an OHV vehicle while on CRIT land, it must be registered with the Colorado River Indian Tribe and have a “CRIT OHV Sticker” attached to the vehicle. CRIT OHV stickers can be purchased directly with CRIT Fish and Game located at 2100 Mutahar St, Parker, AZ 85344. Please park in queue on Mutahar Street and walk in to Fish & Game to purchase your “CRIT OHV Sticker”. Note that this is an annual OHV pass which is good for the entire 2024 season.

Pre-Running Notes:

Pre-running does not officially begin until Tuesday, January 9th at 8:00am. We will have teams marking the racecourse on Sunday and Monday - Please do not go on the race course prior to pre-running opening. Please adhere to the rules below and be aware that there are many OHV users out riding during the week. Please use extreme caution.

Pre-Running Check In:

Check in is required at the race course exit of the CRIT Start/Finish Line Gauntlet (at the beginning of the gas line). All registered racers must check in and sign the event waiver prior to beginning their pre-run.

  • Max pre-running speed is 35mph.
  • Seat belts and helmets must be worn at all times.
  • No numbered race vehicles.

The Parker 400 Event Waiver:

All racers, crew members and anyone entering any pit must sign our event waiver. This includes children, who must have an adult with them at all times.

  • Adult Waiver - The Parker 400 adult waiver is now available to sign.
  • Youth Waiver - The minor event waiver is only available to sign in person, accompanied by their legal guardian.


  • Race Registration – Registration is now open.
  • Pit Crew Registration - Driver/Rider of Records are required to register their pit crew members prior to the race. This is done from within the Driver of Record's UNLTD account in the same manner as registering your teammates. Click here for instructions.
  • Racer Camping Registration - Both racers or pit crew members can reserve campsites from within their UNLTD accounts once they have completed registration.
  • RacingTraX Tracking Units - Tracking units are mandatory for all Four Wheel, Youth 1000 and Youth 570 Classes. RacingTraX will serve as the official tracking provider for the 2024 race season. A $250 tracker fee will be paid directly to Racing Trax.
  • Pre-Order VP Racing Fuel - VP Racing Fuels is the Official Fuel Provider of UNLTD Off-Road Racing.
  • Team Helicopter Registration - All team helicopters must be registered with UNLTD Off-Road Racing.

Rules / Regulations:

Parker 400 Race Information: