Race Registration Guide


“Off-Road Racer Profiles" have been converted to "UNLTD Accounts"

Registration Management:

How to register for an event:

If you already have an existing Off-Road Racer Profile, there is no need to make a new account. To activate your UNLTD Off-Road Racing Account, all you need to do is reset your password on this page and all of your existing Off-Road Racer Profile information will automatically be transferred over to your new UNLTD Off-Road Racing account.

Driver of Records will manage all aspects of their team registration inside their UNLTD Off-Road Racing dashboard. The information on your UNLTD Off-Road Racing Account will be saved and tied to any future race entry.

All banded racers are required to be an UNLTD Off-Road Racing member prior to registering for their first event.

Pit Crew Members are not required to be an UNLTD member.

Membership is good for one year from purchase date and will auto renew one year later.

UNLTD #: Each account will be assigned a unique alphanumeric code, similar to a drivers license number. This is different from your race number and will be used to identify you as a racer. Trust us - This bad boy is going to make your life way easier.

Once you add a vehicle on an entry form, it will automatically be saved to your account for future use. The system will always default to the last vehicle raced, so you do not reenter its information on the next entry form.

Sponsors listed on the event entry form will be linked to this vehicle. Any changes that need to be made to this vehicle will be managed within your stored vehicle on your account. You may also add additional race vehicles at any time.

You can remove/add Additional Drivers and Pit Crew Members anytime before the race from within your account.

Please first double check this is the email they used to create their account.

If the Driver of Record is paying for their fee, they will automatically be registered on your team.

If the Driver of Record is passing off their fee to their additional driver or pit crew member, the additional driver or pit crew member will need to accept the invitation waiting for them in their UNLTD account dashboard or email inbox.

All of the individual's information will be taken from their UNLTD Off-Road Racing account and automatically linked to your entry when they accept your invitation to race.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below for any help managing your entry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Reminder, each racer needs to have an UNLTD Off-Road Racing Account.

Once the accounts for all team members have been created, the Driver of Record will invite the additional driver to their team:

  1. Driver of Record – Log in to your Off-Road Racer Profile.
  2. In the upper left hand corner of your dashboard, you will see your "Race Entries".
  3. Click “Add/Remove Teammates”
  4. Click “Invite Teammates”
  5. Invite your teammates.
  6. Teammates – Once invited, you should receive an email prompting you to accept the invitation to join your DoR’s team. Additionally, there will be a button inside your Off-Road Racer Profile to accept the invitation.
  7. Click accept, and you are now successfully registered with your DoR.

Race numbers are assigned to a Driver of Record and chosen when registering for a race.

If you raced an UNLTD Off-Road Racing event in 2022, your race number has automatically been tied to your UNLTD Off-Road Racing account and your number is secured.

For new Driver of Records, only numbers available to race will be provided to you on the entry form.

Race numbers are active for the current AND following UNLTD Off-Road Racing season. If a driver does not race in that time, their vehicle number will be released and added to the list of available numbers for other drivers to choose.

Numbers cannot be changed or shared mid-season.

If you need to change your race number for any reason, please contact kilian@unlimitedoffroadracing.com.

Once registered, you will be able to manage your entry information and teammates under from within your UNLTD Account.

  • Picked up a sponsor?
  • Need to add/remove a driver?
  • Did you misspell your hometown?
  • Need a refund on your entry?

Any change that needs to be made to your event registration (or profile information) will be made by you through your UNLTD Account dashboard.

Simply login and make the update/addition accordingly!

If you registered for the wrong class, please email us to switch classes.

Can I transfer my entry to another team or vehicle?  No.  Race registrations are non transferable.  Meaning, you may not put a deposit down for a vehicle and transfer it to another vehicle or race team.

If you are an individual registering multiple vehicles on behalf of multiple Driver of Records, you will need to register them when logged in to their respective UNLTD Off-Road Racing account. In other words – registering as a Driver of Record is unique to each UNLTD Off-Road Racing.

For example, if you are responsible for registering Jim Smith for Unlimited Truck, Dave Johnson for UTV Pro Turbo and Scott Way for Class 11, here is the correct workflow:

  • Login in to Jim Smith’s UNLTD account > register for Jim’s Unlimited Truck > log out.
  • Login in to Dave Johnson’s UNLTD account > register Dave’s UTV Pro Turbo > log out.
  • Login in to Scott Way’s UNLTD account > register Scott’s Class 11 > log out.