The Swords of UNLTD

In the demanding world of off-road racing, where the terrain is unforgiving and the competition fierce, merely crossing the finish line is an achievement in itself. However, becoming the champion of what is undeniably the toughest off-road championship in North America is a feat that demands extraordinary recognition.

Understanding the magnitude of this achievement, the Martelli brothers have revolutionized the traditional concept of victory trophies. Rejecting the commonplace plaques and plastic trophies, they have introduced an award that is as formidable and prestigious as the championship itself.

These swords are not mere ornaments but symbols of unmatched excellence and historic achievement. Crafted by the skilled hands at Mae Knives, the swords are inspired by the legendary Viking Ulfberht, known for their unmatched strength and durability. Forged from W2 steel, these masterful creations are both formidable in battle and stunning in appearance.

In 2023, Adam Householder, the overall UNLTD Off-Road Racing Champion, was the first to receive this extraordinary accolade—a custom hand-forged sword named “Primus,” signifying its status as the inaugural award.

The swords feature a guard and pommel designed with a distinctive skull motif, intricately shaped from a century-old wrought iron anchor chain, adding a touch of historical reverence to their construction. The handle, made from African Blackwood, is crowned with brass, lending each sword a regal allure that is as elegant as it is deadly. This unique blend of craftsmanship and heritage ensures that each sword is not only a weapon of unmatched quality but also a work of art, embodying the spirit and resilience of the champions it honors.

At Unlimited Off-Road Racing, we believe that extraordinary achievements deserve extraordinary recognition. These swords stand as a testament to the bravery, skill, and relentless spirit of our champions, setting a new standard for honor and excellence in the world of off-road racing.

Sword 001: Primus

In 2023, UNLTD Off-Road Racing bestowed a masterfully handcrafted Viking Ulfberht Sword upon Adam Householder, the triumphant winner of the 2023 UNLTD Off Road Racing Triple Crown. Hand forged from W2 steel, Mae Knives ensured a weapon both formidable and elegant.

The guard and pommel, intricately shaped into a skull motif, hold a historical touch as they were meticulously crafted from a century-old wrought iron anchor chain, while the African Blackwood handle and brass crown contribute to the sword's unique blend of craftsmanship and regal allure.

30 years from now, only 30 will exist and Adam Householder has earned the very first.

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