Youth Racer Profiles: 12-Year-Old Cash Martinez Is a Natural Behind the Wheel

June 24, 2024
WESTx 1000

Cash “Money” Martinez isn't your typical 12-year-old. While many his age are glued to video games or conquering the latest trends, Cash is a seasoned off-road racer, carving his name into the dusty record books of the sport. Hailing from Pinetop, Arizona, Cash isn't just a participant, he's a dominant force and a rising star with a championship pedigree.

Cash's first taste of off-road glory came behind the handlebar of an Apex MXR70. Competing in the WORCS Series, the young racer secured a phenomenal second place in the overall championship, a testament to his natural talent and determination. But Cash isn't one to rest on his laurels. The encouragement of his father, his biggest supporter and mentor, fueled Cash's passion, propelling him towards the world of UTVs.

At the wheel of a Polaris RZR 170 in the 170 Limited class and an RS1 in the Youth RS1 category, the desert transforms into his personal racetrack, a place where skill and strategy collide in a whirlwind of dust and adrenaline. When he's not behind the wheel, he's exploring the vastness of the Arizona mountains - hunting and fishing, with his family who run a guide service.

Cash Martinez - 2024 Mint 400 2.jpg

Cash's heroes aren’t fictional characters - he idolizes real-life champions like Bryce Menzies and Sierra Romo, drawing inspiration from their dedication and success. When it comes to academics, Cash keeps his head in the game – literally. Enrolled in online schooling, he prioritizes his education while freeing up time to hone his racing skills. Basketball adds another dimension to his athletic repertoire, proving that this young racer is a force to be reckoned with on and off the track.

His eyes light up with joy when describing the feeling of pushing his limits, the technical challenges, and the sheer exhilaration of crossing the finish line. But Cash doesn't compete for fleeting victories; he races for the love of the sport, a love instilled by his father, his ultimate role model. Cash's aspirations extend far beyond the deserts of Arizona. The Baja 1000 beckons, a legendary race that represents the pinnacle of off-road achievement.

Cash Martinez (Youth 1000 Vehicle Photo)
Cash Martinez (Youth 1000 Vehicle Photo)

Although he has a treasure trove of racing memories, winning the prestigious Mint 400 undoubtedly takes the top spot. His team? A two-person powerhouse – Cash and his dad. From driving and building motors to meticulous preparation, his father is the wind beneath Cash's racing wings. His mom ensures everything runs smoothly behind the scenes – a true family operation fueled by non-stop support.

Cash's goals in the Unlimited Off-Road Racing Series are as clear as the Arizona desert sky: to reclaim the Triple Crown title. His strategy for achieving this? Winning, of course! But what truly propels him forward when the going gets tough is his pure, unadulterated love for the sport. Lining up at the starting line of the Mint 400 wasn't nerve-wracking for Cash; it was exhilarating. And the feeling of crossing the finish line first? Pure joy, a feeling he's determined to experience again and again.

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Cash Martinez is more than just a racer; he's a prodigy with a relentless spirit and a heart full of desert sand. The California 300 is next on his horizon, another opportunity for Cash to showcase his talent and etch his name even deeper into the annals of off-road racing history. Keep your eyes peeled for this young champion – the dust may settle, but Cash's legacy is only just beginning.

Cash Martinez - 2024 Parker 400 2.jpg

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