2024 Into the Fray - Episode 2: The Negrete Family

March 7, 2024
Chris Leone

The Negrete Family has been racing off-road for 3 generations. They have an incredible story that illustrates what off-road racing culture is all about, bringing family and friends together.

Rafael the grandfather sold water and beer as a kid to the racers at the at the start of the first Baja 1000 in 1967 in the bullring in Tijuana, and he told himself “One day he will race in a VW.” 

Well, a couple decades later he did it. He went racing, took his sons Larry and Ernie, and was racing Class 5.

Federico Montes is a prime example of the passion that thrives in off-road racing culture. He is a self-taught master of VW air-cooled engines who lives and breathes his craft.

With family on both sides of the border, the Negrete family has been racing for over 37 years spanning 3 generations, and has made Now the Negrete Family name synonymous with off-road racing.

Into the Fray is the new series following the most interesting teams in the Unlimited Off-Road Race series. 

Into the Fray: To willingly enter a war, fight, struggle, or disagreement that involves many people.